Why I Changed My Relationship Status With Facebook To ‘It’s Complicated’

The relationship I had with the social media platform was more than utilitarian: it was emotional, and my move to the US challenged it in unexpected ways.


What Movie Has The Most Peak Performances?

Some films are just lucky enough to catch a group of actors in career-best form. used by designers to mimic real copy. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec ac fringilla turpis.


Bad Engineering Doomed A Cambodian Capital

Angkor was the seat of authority for the Khmer Empire for more than 600 years, from the ninth to 15th centuries, except for a 17-year interval when political power and courtly life shifted to Koh Ker.


Even Tech Workers Think They’re Underpaid

This is in an industry where interns can make over $50 an hour, new grads can get $100k signing bonuses, and the average employee makes more than double the national average in the US.